Guelph Little Theatre

Board Of Directors

Our Board Of Directors is happy to hear from you. Email to one of the addresses below or contact us.

All e-mail addresses end with


Whole Board All Members boardofdirectors@


President Roberta Belfry president@
Past President Bruce Bennett pastp@
Vice President Robin Bennett vp@
Treasurer Pat Wiggins treasurer@
Secretary Marg Perchaluk secretary@
Productions  D.J. Thomson pm@
Publicity Lynne McIntee publicity@
Building / Grounds Wil Mashanden building@
Rentals   rentals@
Box Office   boxoffice@
Costumes Judi McCuaig costumes@
Props Barb Bryce props@
Lights Peter Busby lights@
Sets Bruce Bennett sets@
Sound Dennis Gray sound@
Fundraising Julie MacMillan fundraising@
Social   social@
Memberships Pam Neisiobedski-Curtis membership@
Workshops Roberta Belfry workshops@

Additional GLT Email Addresses

General Information Marg Perchaluk info@
Health and Safety Robin Jackson healthandsafety@
Play Selection Robin Bennett playselection@
Website/I.T. Liz Dennis website@
Volunteers Pam Neisiobedski-Curtis volunteer@
Arthur Awards Dennis Gray arthurs@