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Actors are chosen through formal auditions open to the public. Auditions may involve cold reads from the script, prepared monologues or other material at the discretion of each director. Please refer to specific Audition Announcements for the requirements for any particular show.

Auditions at Guelph Little Theatre are open to the public. We advertise auditions on this site and in the Guelph Little Theatre Facebook page and group. You do not have to be a GLT member to audition, but anyone who is cast in a GLT play must become a member of Guelph Little Theatre.

The playbill for the upcoming season (running from Sept to June) is announced annually in the April/May timeframe. Audition notices will start to appear here shortly after that and throughout the year, typically 3-5 months prior to a show being on stage.

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Saving Sleeping Beauty Auditions

Auditions: June 17th and 18th, 2017 ~6PM-9PM

Written & Directed by Kenneth Cameron
Produced By: Richard Ouellette
Show Dates are: November 24, 25*, 26*, December 1, 2*, 3*, 8, 9*, 10* (*=matinee)

We are looking for a big cast of children and adults to appear in this new script by local playwright Kenneth Cameron.
The audition will use cold readings from the script. You are asked to prepare a short song that shows off your voice. You will also be taught a short dance routine, so dress comfortably.

Questions can be directed to: The Official Guelph Little Theatre Facebook Group or to Ken Cameron at .

Cast of Characters

Princess Roslind – female youth - the spoiled princess who falls asleep for 100 years

King Aiden – male adult – a devoted father torn between love for his daughter and despair over what she has become.

Queen Constance – female adult – a devoted mother torn between love for her daughter and despair over what she has become

The Princes – male youth – Rupert, the snob; Perdunck, the dandy; Marmaduke, the nerd; Phillip, the hero. Successive generations of royals looking to save the kingdom and marry the princess

Harold, the Lord Chamberlain – male adult – a loyal kingsman but disgusted with the princess’s behaviour; questioning whether he can continue his service

Agnes, Head of the Household – female adult – brisk, efficient and organized, she keeps the castle staff hopping

Cerulean the Witch – female, any age – eldest of the Guardians, she is the wisest and most patient

Crimson the Fairy – female, any age – a real hot head; a perceived slight leads her to cast the spell that dooms the princess

Emerald the Leprechaun – male, any age – likeable and easy-going; but DON’T mess with his gold

Sunshine the Sprite – female, any age – perpetually happy and buoyant; always looking for the bright side of things

Umber the Troll – male, any age – deliberate and somber; haunted by the torment he has been subjected to for being a troll

Sarah – female youth – a young girl, newly come to the palace to join the serving staff; a devoted fan of the princess

Lily, Andrew, Margaret and Toby – male/female, any age – the castle servants; definitely NOT fans of the princess

Assorted Messengers, Guards, Trolls and Nobles


Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers


Auditions: July 9th and 10th, 2017 ~6PM-10PM

Signup for auditions at the link below:

Directed by Jane Martin
Musical Direction by Kieran Kane
Produced by Paul and Jen Barson

Rehearsals are on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday
First rehearsal is on August 2nd.
Show Dates are: October 13, 14, 15*, 19, 20, 21*, 21, 22*, 26, 27 (*=matinee)
Tech week will be October 9-12

Cast of Characters:

The Duke of Plaza-Toro, a grandee of Spain. The duke, who always led his regiment from behind, except when it retreated, is eager to place his daughter on the throne of Barataria and to feather his own nest as much as possible.

The duchess of Plaza-Toro, his formidable wife.

Casilda (kah-SEEL-dah), their daughter, married in infancy to the royal heir of Barataria. She is in love with Luiz.

Don Alhambra del Bolero (ahl-AHM-brah dehl boh-LEH-roh), the grand inquisitor of Spain. He is searching for the royal heir, whom he had stolen in infancy and left with a tippling gondolier to rear with his own son. The gondolier could not remember which of the two boys was his own son and which the prince. The Inquisitor decides to torture their former nurse to find out which is which.

Marco Palmieri (pahl-MEE-eh-ree) and Giuseppe Palmieri (jee-ew-SEHP-pee), gondoliers with republican principles. Each being half a king until the truth can be discovered, they promote everybody in the kingdom to a lord high something-or-other, to the inquisitor’s disgust. They are separated from their recent brides and told that one is an unwitting bigamist.

Gianetta (jee-ahn-NAYT-tah) and Tessa, flower girls, wives of Marco and Giuseppe.

Luiz (lew-EES), Casilda’s lover and the duke’s attendant, who carries a drum to beat before the duke. He turns out to be the real king of Barataria.

Inez (ee-NEHS), an elderly nurse. She is readily persuaded by torture to confess that Luiz is the king of Barataria, for whom she had substituted her own son, actually the child stolen by the grand inquisitor. Her testimony reunites Luiz and Casilda and the gondoliers and their brides.

Ensemble of Gondoliers and Contadines(peasant women)

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