Guelph Little Theatre



There are two types of annual memberships at GLT:

Additionally, please complete these two forms and email to or bring the forms to the theatre.

      1. Membership Form
      2. Code of conduct form

Guelph Little Theatre is committed to providing a safe environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. Here are our Child ProtectionAnti-Harassment and Privacy Policies.

Guelph Little Theatre is run entirely by volunteers. We need a large, active membership in order to maintain the level of quality our audience has come to expect. Memberships help our GLT community grow, and help us to entertain the community at large.

Benefits of Membership

      • Eligible to participate in GLT productions
      • A vote at General Meetings
      • Eligible to be on the Board of Directors
      • Eligible to sit on Committees of the Board
      • Access to Member events and parties