Guelph Little Theatre

Current Season: 2013-2014

Wild GuysWild Guys

Written By: Andrew Wreggitt & Rebecca Shaw
Directed By: Cathy Judd
Produced By: Brian Pickles

When four men set off to find an isolated cabin in the forest on a "wildman” weekend, a la Robert Bly, everything that can go wrong does! Andy, a men’s movement advocate, and Robin, a crystal-gazing New Ager, coax Stewart, an unsuspecting grocer, and Randall, a skeptical, city lawyer, into reluctantly participating in male-bonding ceremonies and communal hugs. The result? Hockey cheers and Neil Young singalongs!

This play is a satire on men’s self-help encounters of the type made famous by drum-beating poet Robert Bly and the new-age, touchy-feely movement that supported it.

Written by Calgarians Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw "The Wild Guys” won the Solange Karsh award for best play in the 1992 National Playwriting Competition.Buy Ticket

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