Guelph Little Theatre

Ordinary People

Ordinary People Poster

Written By: Judith Guest
Directed By: Roberta Belfry
Dramatized by: Nancy Gilsenan
Rights By: The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Ill

The play focuses on a suburban family in the months after two tragic events that changed them forever. The central character, 17 year-old Conrad Jarrett, tries to return to his former life, without the support of his older brother. We follow him as he navigates through the first days back to school, after time in the local psychiatric ward. His parents are having trouble reconnecting and Conrad blames himself.


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 Oct 11 8:00  Oct 12 8:00 Oct 13 8:00 Oct 14 2:00
Oct 18 8:00 Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 2:00