Guelph Little Theatre

1997 - 1998

One Act Play Festival

Produced By: Sue Burke

GLT's One Act Play Festival every June provides opportunity for members to experiment theatrically, whether as a first time actor, director, designer, producer or stage manager. This year GLT is donating half the proceeds from the festival to Georgetown Little Theatre since they lost their rehearsal facility in a fire this spring. Our community and local theatrical groups helped us in our time of need and we are thankful to them that we are now in a position to return the favour. Enjoy the show.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Jun 19
Jun 20


Written By: Terrence McNally
Directed By: Stan Jensen

The Government Man

Written By: Thomas Nietman
Directed By: Cathy Goudie-Nietman

Wanda's Visit

Written By: Christopher Durang
Directed By: Michelle Kreitzer

The Monkey's Paw

Written By: W.W.Jacobs
Adapted By: Louis N Parker
Directed By: Ros Slater


Written By: Lyle Victor Albert
Directed By: Rob Gray