Guelph Little Theatre

1998 - 1999

Charley's Aunt

Written By: Brandon Thomas
Directed By: Keith Slater
Produced By: Rosalind Slater

Oxford undergraduates Jack and Charles (Charley) convince their friend, young Lord Babberly, to pose as Charley's aunt from Brazil by dressing him up in a black satin skirt, lace fichu, a pair of mitts and old-fashioned cap and wig. When the real aunt turns up, comic confusion results. This world famous farce has moved millions to tears of laughter.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 22 8:00 Oct 23 8:00 Oct 24 8:00
Oct 29 8:00 Oct 30 8:00 Oct 31 8:00 Nov 01 2:00
Nov 05 8:00 Nov 06 8:00 Nov 07 8:00

Murder Among Friends

Written By: Bob Barry
Directed By: Don Endicott
Produced By:

Take a middle-aged, exceedingly vain actor, his very rich wife; a double-dealing, double-loving agent, and dialogue with wit and laughs, and you have the elements for an evening of pure entertainment. At this New Year's Eve gathering, a murder occurs, but not the one that was planned.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Dec 03 8:00 Dec 04 8:00 Dec 05 8:00
Dec 10 8:00 Dec 11 8:00 Dec 12 8:00 Dec 13 2:00
Dec 17 8:00 Dec 18 8:00 Dec 19 8:00

The Subject Was Roses

Written By: Frank D. Gilroy
Directed By: John Scharbach
Produced By: Anna Blackie

The action in this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama is deceptively simple. A son who went away to war as a pampered boy comes back as a man of his own, and the varying effects on his mother and father are devastating. They want to love each other, to relive the good old times, and build some better ones together, but each finds it impossible to communicate with either of the others.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 28 8:00 Jan 29 8:00 Jan 30 8:00
Feb 04 8:00 Feb 05 8:00 Feb 06 8:00 Feb 07 2:00
Feb 11 8:00 Feb 12 8:00 Feb 13 8:00

The Miracle Worker

Written By: William Gibson
Directed By: Brian Conway
Produced By: Dennis Johnson

This is a dramatization of the real-life story of the blind and mute Helen Keller. It follows the emotional relationship between Helen and Annie Sullivan, the teacher who had also been born almost blind. Little Helen, trapped in her own secret world, is bitter, violent and, at first, animal-like. Annie's eventual success with Helen comes only after some of the most turbulent and emotion-packed scenes ever presented on stage.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mar 11 8:00 Mar 12 8:00 Mar 13 8:00
Mar 18 8:00 Mar 19 8:00 Mar 20 8:00 Mar 21 2:00
Mar 25 8:00 Mar 26 8:00 Mar 27 8:00

The Odd Couple

Written By: Neil Simon
Directed By: Michelle Kreitzer & Rene Rennick-Hyde
Produced By: Richard Vollans

Ungar and Madison are at it again! Florence Ungar and Olive Madison that is, in Neil Simon's hilarious sex-change operation on that contemporary classic: The Odd Couple. Instead of a poker party, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit. "Very funny indeed!"

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 22 8:00 Apr 23 8:00 Apr 24 8:00
Apr 29 8:00 Apr 30 8:00 May 01 8:00 May 02 2:00
May 06 8:00 May 07 8:00 May 08 8:00