Guelph Little Theatre

2000 - 2001

I Hate Hamlet

Written By: Paul Rudnick
Directed By: Jonathan Harrison
Produced By: Robin Jackson

Popular television star, Andrew Rally, must decide whether to accept the challengeof playing Hamlet in "Hamlet In The Park" or whether to grab the mega-dollar contract Hollywood is offering for another series. The only thing keeping him in John Barrymore's old New York apratment is the ghost of a chance he might succeed...trouble is, unlike some past legends of this haunting role, Andrew Hates Hamlet.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 8:00
Oct 26 8:00 Oct 27 8:00 Oct 28 8:00 Oct 29 2:00
Nov 02 8:00 Nov 03 8:00 Nov 04 8:00

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Written By: Barbara Robinson
Directed By: Beve Matson
Produced By: Dennis Johnson

The play tells the hilarious story of the outrageous Herdman children who, in discovering the Chrsitams story, help everyone else rediscover its meaning. The Herdmans are horrible. In fact. "...they were the worst kids in the whole history of the world. The lied and stole and smoked cigars, even the girls, and talked dirty, and hit little kids, and cussed their teachers...they wrote this really, really dirty word on the back of Naomi Waddell's favourite turtle...with flourescent paint, so it glows in the dark. When you can't even see the turtle, you can still see the word." Grace Bradley must stage the annual Christmas pageant despite having to cast the Herdman kids, who have never heard of the story. The result is one of the funniest interpretations ever of the Christmas story, with a heartwarming ending that surprises even the Herdmans.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Dec 01 7:30 Dec 02 7:30 Dec 04 2:00
Dec 08 7:30 Dec 09 7:30 Dec 10 2:00
Dec 15 7:30 Dec 16 7:30 Dec 17 2:00



Written By: Neil Simon
Directed By: Dennis Johnson
Produced By: Wieslawa Haw & Dennis Johnson

Four couples invited to attend an anniversary party at the deputy Mayor's house expect to have an entertaining evening of conversation. The party never gets started because the host has been shot and his wife has gone missing. Things turn frantically funny when guests arrive and try to sort things out. In an effort to save the Deputy Mayor's and his wife's reputations, the Deputy Mayor's lawyer decides to cover up the incident. This door slamming farce shows us what happens when people rely on hearsay and gossip to get ahead.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 25 8:00 Jan 26 8:00 Jan 27 8:00
Feb 01 8:00 Feb 02 8:00 Feb 03 8:00 Feb 04 2:00
Feb 08 8:00 Feb 09 8:00 Feb 10 8:00


Opening Night

Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: James Berry
Produced By: Sue Burke

Opening Night is a brilliant comedy by Canadian playwright Norm Foster (who also penned The Melville Boys). The action takes place on the opening night of "Whisper On The Wind", a truly terrible play with a comically eccentric cast. The director, Richard, paces the lobby half an hour before curtain. His lead actress has yet to show up, his fiance is complaining that he doesn't pay enough attention to her, and worst of all, the only people who have come to see the show are "Ma and Pa Kettle". Jack and Ruth Tisdale obtained complimentary tickets to the show because "no one else could come". Ruth is thrilled to be spending her 25th wedding anniversary at the theatre, but Jack would much rather be watching the World Series. Also in the audience is Michael Craig, a bitter, washed-up actor. He's furious that he was not cast in the role of "Ol' Daddy". One way or another, he will be on stage...

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mar 15 8:00 Mar 16 8:00 Mar 17 8:00
Mar 22 8:00 Mar 23 8:00 Mar 24 8:00 Mar 25 2:00
Mar 29 8:00 Mar 30 8:00 Mar 31 8:00

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Written By: Jeffrey Archer
Directed By: Henry North
Produced By: Richard Vollans

Accused of the wilful murder of his terminally ill wife, Sir David Metcalf finds himself locked in legal combat with his old rival, Anthony Blair-Booth QC. After a tense and gripping courtroom scene Act I ends just as we are about to hear the jury's verdict. Act 2 takes us back in time to the fateful night of Lady Metcalf's death and ends with a surprising twist. This play enjoyed a successful run in London's West End, with Frank Finlay and Wendy Craig in the leading roles. 'I loved's much more than a courtroom drama. It's a compelling love story and it's got the lot-laughter, tears and tension...'TV-am.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 26 8:00 Apr 27 8:00 Apr 28 8:00
May 03 8:00 May 04 8:00 May 05 8:00 May 06 2:00
May 10 8:00 May 11 8:00 May 12 8:00

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