Guelph Little Theatre

2005 - 2006


Written By: Tom Dudznick
Directed By: Mike Grant
Produced By: Steven Norton & Mandi Strudwick

Greetings! is a hysterical, heart-warming story of tolerance and acceptance. On Christmas Eve, the stout, Catholic, blue collar Gorski family traditions are turned upside down when the oldest son brings his fiancée, "a Jewish atheist," home for the first time. Throw in a dash of new age philosophy when Mickey, the mentally challenged brother, becomes "possessed" by someone or something. Olive branches are sent out and light is shed on all our fears and mistrusts to end in a truly remarkable moment that is sure to leave all with the true spirit of the season.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 06 8:00 Oct 07 8:00 Oct 08 8:00
Oct 13 8:00 Oct 14 8:00 Oct 15 8:00 Oct 16 2:00
Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 8:00 Oct 22 8:00


Puss In Boots

Written By: Jude Winterbottom & Michelle Hildebrandt
Directed By: Jude Winterbottom
Produced By: Rosalind Slater

Share in the magic of a traditional English pantomime with all your favourite characters! Puss in Boots is a fun filled show for the entire family. It loosely follows the classic fairy tale of Puss, the ingenious kitty. You will follow along with this delightful tale as Puss befriends a poor boy, rescues a princess under a spell and helps banish an evil witch. Audience participation is a very important part of a pantomime. The audience is encouraged to boo the evil witch when she enters the stage, argue with the Dame (who is always a man) and warn the Principal Boy (who is always a girl) when the villain is behind them by shouting out "He's behind you!" Cheer the goodies, boo the baddies and ensure that good triumphs over evil. Christmas fun for the young and young at heart.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov 25 7:30 Nov 26 2:00 Nov 27 2:00
Dec 02 7:30 Dec 03 2:00 Dec 04 2:00
Dec 09 7:30 Dec 10 2:00 Dec 11 2:00

A View From The Bridge

Written By: Arthur Miller
Directed By: Lynn Fisher
Produced By: John Fisher

Italian-American immigrant life in the 1950's textures this searing drama of love and revenge. Longshoreman Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife, Beatrice, and to his niece, Catherine. When Beatrice's impoverished Sicilian cousins enter the U.S. illegally in the hope of finding work, Eddie gives them a helping hand. But when Catherine and one of the cousins fall in love, Eddie's affection for his niece turns into obsession. Penned by celebrated playwright Arthur Miller, who won seven Tony awards for his contributions to the American theatre. His work includes such notable plays as The Crucible, The Misfits, and Death of a Salesman, which earned him the Pulitzer Prize.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Feb 02 8:00 Feb 03 8:00 Feb 04 8:00
Feb 09 8:00 Feb 10 8:00 Feb 11 8:00 Feb 12 2:00
Feb 16 8:00 Feb 17 8:00 Feb 18 8:00

The Comedy Of Errors

Written By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Gerry Butts
Produced By: Ruth Connor & Grace Peters

The Comedy of Errors takes audiences on a wild ride with two sets of twins, a shipwreck, mistaken identities, and much more. In this rollicking farce of mistaken identity, Shakespeare transports Greek comedy to dizzying heights. Two long-separated twins, a cheating husband, a jealous wife, a pending execution, Fat Nell, and two tricky servants (also twins) romp through this fast-paced comedy. All this and the fabulous Dr. Pinch make - Shakespeare's shortest play - the perfect family show.


Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mar 23 8:00 Mar 24 8:00 Mar 25 8:00
Mar 30 8:00 Mar 31 8:00 Apr 01 8:00 Apr 02 2:00
Apr 06 8:00 Apr 07 8:00 Apr 08 8:00


Homeward Bound

Written By: Elliott Hayes
Directed By: Mark Dakin
Produced By: Grace Peters

Homeward Bound is a Canadian comedy/drama of manners... or lack thereof. Middle-aged parents throw a family dinner for their two children and respective mates to break some very serious news. But a skunk, a drunk, and trouble with a crossword puzzle threaten to overtake the evening before they can make their announcement.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 25 8:00 May 26 8:00 May 27 8:00
Jun 01 8:00 Jun 02 8:00 Jun 03 8:00 Jun 04 2:00
Jun 08 8:00 Jun 09 8:00 Jun 10 8:00