Guelph Little Theatre

2007 - 2008

Mambo Italiano

Written By: Steve Galluccio
Directed By: Marion Rogers
Produced By: Rosalind Slater and John Fielding

Members of a family steeped in tradition confront their children's non-traditional choices. Maria and Gino's Italo-Canadian niche in Montreal is shattered when their son, Angelo, "comes out." Shock and disbelief are followed by indignation as 'tutta la famiglia' takes sides. Will love conquer all? Both hysterically funny and deeply moving, Mambo Italiano explores the subtleties and complexities of a family straddling the cultures, traditions and values of the old and new worlds.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 01 8:00 Oct 12 8:00 Oct 13 8:00
Oct 18 8:00 Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 2:00
Oct 25 8:00 Oct 26 8:00 Oct 27 8:00

Mambo Italiano Poster


Written By: Norman Robbins
Directed By: Rosalind Slater
Produced By: Grace Peters

Once again, enjoy the enchantment of a traditional pantomime. Bring the whole family to share in this, the most popular pantomime of all time. Taken from the original fairy tale, our show combines the rags-to-riches story of the girl who must be a drudge for her wicked step-sisters and the hilarity that ensues when those same sisters get their just deserts. We invite the audience to get involved - "boo" the ugly step-sisters (played, traditionally, by male actors), "cheer" for Cinderella and Prince Charming (played by female actors), or laugh at the antics of the broker's men. Join in the sing-along as we celebrate the Christmas season with fun for everyone.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov 23 7:30 Nov 24 7:30 Nov 25 2:00
Nov 30 7:30 Dec 01 7:30 Dec 02 2:00
Dec 07 7:30 Dec 08 7:30 Dec 09 2:00


A Bedfull Of Foreigners

Written By: Dave Freeman
Directed By: John Snowdon
Produced By: Liz Poulton

This bedfull of laughs takes place at a French hotel in a small village near the German border on the eve of a local Saint's festival. A la Faulty Towers, there are all the ingredients that go with fast-moving farce -- mistaken identities, a double-booked bedroom, inefficient staff, and hasty cover-ups. Seductions and confrontations run rampant throughout this hilarious and entertaining play.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Feb 07 8:00 Feb 08 8:00 Feb 09 8:00
Feb 14 8:00 Feb 15 8:00 Feb 16 8:00 Feb 17 2:00
Feb 21 8:00 Feb 22 8:00 Feb 23 8:00

Bedfull Of Foreigners Programme CoverBedfull Of Foreigners Set

The Merchant Of Venice

Written By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Gerry Butts
Produced By: Julia Lonke

Shakespeare's complex comedy has something for everyone, much of which still applies to today's society. More than just a pound of flesh, there are moments of profound suffering, staggering vengeance and curative mercy, all juxtaposed with romantic love. Cross dressing, caskets, a ring, and a dramatic courtroom scene contribute to each character, revealing all aspects of human nature in Shakespeare's outstanding play.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 17 8:00 Apr 18 8:00 Apr 19 8:00
Apr 24 8:00 Apr 25 8:00 Apr 26 8:00 Apr 27 2:00
May 01 8:00 May 02 8:00 May 03 8:00


Lettice And Lovage

Written By: Peter Shaffer
Directed By: Keith Slater
Produced By: John Fielding

This witty comedy is set in Fustian Manor, one of England's architecturally and historically least interesting stately homes that is open to visitors. Tour Guide Lettice Douffet exaggerates and embellishes the history to make it more interesting to the public, raising the ire of visitor Lotte Shoen, an inspector from the Preservation Trust. An unlikely friendship between these two history-loving women comes to a happy resolution after their initially hostile encounter.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 29 8:00 May 30 8:00 May 31 8:00
Jun 05 8:00 Jun 06 8:00 Jun 07 8:00 Jun 08 2:00
Jun 12 8:00 Jun 13 8:00 Jun 14 8:00