Guelph Little Theatre

2009 - 2010

The Mouse Trap

Written By: Agatha Christie
Directed By: Jeff Dakin
Produced By: Grace Peters

A snowstorm. A guesthouse in the country. Eight people trapped inside. One of them is a murderer. The longest running play of all time, with over 23,000 performances since 1952 on London's West End, this Agatha Christie whodunit is kicking off GLT’s season with a bang. Giles and Mollie have just opened Monkswell Manor, welcoming their first guests while a blizzard rages outside. While the snow falls outside, the mystery begins inside when Sergeant Trotter arrives to warn them all of a potential murderer among them. With a cast of characters full of secrets and intrigue, enjoy this dark twist of an old classic.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 15 8:00 Oct 16 8:00 Oct 17 8:00
Oct 23 8:00 Oct 24 8:00 Oct 25 2:00
Oct 29 8:00 Oct 30 8:00 Oct 31 8:00 Nov 01 2:00

Jack and the Beanstalk

Written By: D. Trasler, D. Lovesy, S. Clark
Directed By: Julia Loncke & Bev Matson
Produced By: Julia Loncke & Bev Matson

A tale of love, adventure and some beans! A gruesome Giant, a wicked Witch, a fabulous Fairy, a brave Hero, the obligatory village Rascal, a daft Dame and, of course, a cute and cuddly cow!

An up-to-date, tried and tested script, jam-packed with jokes, slapstick, loveable characters and all the magic of traditional pantomime with enough audience participation to leave you hoarse by the end of the show!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov 27 7:30 Nov 28 2:00 Nov 29 2:00
Dec 04 7:30 Dec 05 2:00 Dec 06 2:00
Dec 11 7:30 Dec 12 2:00 Dec 13 2:00

The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice

Written By: Jim Cartwright
Directed By: Trevor Smith-Diggins
Produced By: Lil Milanovich

Little Voice tells the inspirational story of LV, a painfully shy young woman with a golden talent. A hopeless introvert, LV sits alone, replaying her late father’s records, while her gin-soaked mother spends time around the block. Fuses flare when mom’s boozy, one-night stand with a sleazy talent scout pushes LV into the spotlight at a local nightclub. Watch the sparks fly as the girl with the little voice makes her triumphant debut. A tender story with a dramatic climax, this critically acclaimed comedy-drama features the music of legends like Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe. Little Voice is GLT’s entry in the Western Ontario Drama League Festival (2010).

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 28 8:00 Jan 29 8:00 Jan 30 8:00
Feb 05 8:00 Feb 06 8:00 Feb 07 2:00
Feb 11 8:00 Feb 12 8:00 Feb 13 8:00 Feb 14 2:00


Much Ado About Nothing

Written By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Gerry Butts
Produced By: Liz Dent

Gerry brings another audience favorite to the stage with Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Written in the year 1600, this romantic comedy has been called "a feast of wit from beginning to end”. Lovers Claudio and Hero are to be married and, wanting all the world to be as happy as they, spend the time before their wedding conspiring to trick their friends Beatrice and Benedick into confessing their love for one another. Dogberry’s comic antics add fun, confusion and mayhem to the plot. Conspiracy, trickery and the sabotage of their plans make this another of Shakespeare’s best loved and entertaining comedies.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 08 8:00 Apr 09 8:00 Apr 10 8:00
Apr 16 8:00 Apr17 8:00 Apr 18 2:00
Apr 22 8:00 Apr 23 8:00 Apr 24 8:00 Apr 25 2:00


Affections Of May

Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Robin Bennett
Produced By: Shelley Tuff

Foster’s unique style of comedy once again has us laughing at life’s quirky turns. When May’s husband up and leaves her, the small town is abuzz with the news of the area’s newest single lady. Enter two rival suitors, Quinn the local handyman and Hank, the local banker, who fall over each other to win her heart. In this touching and hilarious comedy, May tries to put her life back together while dealing with her two suitors. Foster’s most popular play has the heartbreak of abandonment and the sweetness of a new relationship, a touching and hilarious masterpiece.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 27 8:00 May 28 8:00 May 29 8:00
Jun 04 8:00 Jun 05 8:00 Jun 06 2:00
Jun 10 8:00 Jun 11 8:00 Jun 12 8:00 Jun 13 2:00