Guelph Little Theatre

2010 - 2011

Bedside Manners

Written By: Derek Benfield
Directed By: John Snowdon
Produced By: Sherry Levine

When Ferris reluctantly agreed to look after his sister’s seedy country inn during her holiday, he did not foresee the wild comings and goings that were to burst upon him on a single spring evening. Ferris is engulfed in lies, confusions, and bewilderments as he tries to capitalize on preventing the inevitable meetings of husbands, wives and lovers in assorted compromising situations.

Laughter, love and lust combine to make this a must-see show.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 15 8:00 Oct 16 8:00 Oct 17 2:00
Oct 21 8:00 Oct 22 8:00 Oct 23 8:00 Oct 24 2:00
Oct 28 8:00 Oct 29 8:00 Oct 30 8:00

Bedside Manners Program CoverBedside Manners Set

When Santa's Away

Written By: Ken Cameron (a local playwright)
Directed By: Denise Gismondi
Produced By: Robin Jackson

Christmas can be a stressful time – even for Santa! Mrs. Claus takes Santa on a holiday for a rest, leaving the elf Tinker in charge. When Tinker leaves without explanation, and the other elves start acting strange, it falls to elf Holly to go after him on a frantic journey into the Land of Fairy Tales. But can she find him and get back just in time for Christmas? Come see what happens When Santa’s Away”!

Capers and Christmas make this colorful tale perfect holiday entertainment.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov 26 7:30 Nov 27 2:00 Nov 28 2:00
Dec 03 7:30 Dec 04 2:00 Dec 05 2:00
Dec 10 7:30 Dec 11 2:00 Dec 12 2:00

When Santas Away Program CoverWhen Santas Away Cast & Crew

To Kill a Mockingbird

Written By: Christopher Sergel
Directed By: Jeff Dakin
Produced By: Todd Westcott

To Kill A Mockingbird tells the story of Scout Finch, as she and her family endure an odyssey through the fires of racial prejudice in 1935 Alabama. A coming-of-age story as she and her older brother, Jem, witness their principled father, Atticus, take a dangerous stand against intolerance and injustice. Based on the 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Harper Lee, this masterpiece of modern literature is as relevant today as it was when Ms. Lee penned her unforgettable tale. "You never know someone,” Atticus tells Scout, "until you step inside their skin and walk around a little”.

A compelling and compassionate show.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 28 8:00 Jan 29 8:00 Jan 30 2:00
Feb 03 8:00 Feb 04 8:00 Feb 05 8:00 Feb 06 2:00
Feb 10 8:00 Feb 11 8:00 Feb 12 8:00


Twelfth Night

Written By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: John Gundy
Produced By: Julia Loncke

Twelfth Night is a celebration of romantic love with elements common to Elizabethan romantic comedy. With mistaken identity, separated twins, and gender-crossing disguise, the plot revolves around overcoming obstacles to "true” love. In the midst of a love triangle the play is placed within a "festive atmosphere” in which three couples are brought together happily. Twelfth Night’s light-hearted gaiety is fitting for a play named for the Epiphany - the last night of the 12 Days of Christmas. As spoken by the Duke Orsino "If music be the food of love, play on;”

A celebration of love and gaiety.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mar 25 8:00 Mar 26 8:00 Mar 27 2:00
Mar 31 8:00 Apr 01 8:00 Apr 02 8:00 Apr 03 2:00
Apr 07 8:00 Apr 08 8:00 Apr 09 8:00

Twelfth Night Set

The Cemetery Club

Written By: Ivan Menchell
Directed By: Joe Brenner
Produced By: Richard Ouellette

A delightfully funny comedy about three widows who meet routinely to commiserate about their late husbands’ attributes and shortcomings. With playful zingers and one-line gags (think Steel Magnolias meet the Golden Girls) their enduring friendship helps them find answers to life questions like "can you have a second chance at love?” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll laugh some more. The Cemetery Club, a play with an important message: "life may change, but love will always remain”.

A heart-warming, funny, poignant play.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 06 8:00 May 07 8:00 May 08 2:00
May 12 8:00 May 13 8:00 May 14 8:00 May 15 2:00
May 19 8:00 May 20 8:00 May 21 8:00


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