Guelph Little Theatre

2012 - 2013

The Full Monty

Full Monty Poster
Written By: Terren McNally
Directed By: Sally Nelson
Musical Direction By: Grace Peters
Produced By: Lil Milanovich

The "Full Monty” concerned a group of working-class men who had been laid off and decided to bare all to raise money. Unlike the Chippendale-like show that had just been in town, they promised to do "the full monty,” or total frontal nudity. The story is really about how they put the show together mostly with courage, and only a little talent. So it’s about naked men, their courage, their loving wives, and the tease of full frontal exposure.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 12 8:00 Oct 13 8:00 Oct 14 2:00
Oct 18 8:00 Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 2:00
Oct 25 8:00 Oct 26 8:00 Oct 27 8:00

Full Monty Cast 1Full Monty Cast 2Full Monty Cast 3Full Monty Cast 4


Snow White - All Wrong

Snow White Poster
Written By: Kenneth P. Cameron
Directed By: Beve Matson
Produced By: Robin Jackson

"Everybody knows the story of Snow White!” Or do they? The Dwarves were part of the story, and they claim that 'everybody' tells it wrong. And they’re fed up with it! When they’re given a chance to tell what really happened, they almost steal the show. It’s the familiar old fairy tale with some unexpected twists, all new songs and lots of laughs for all ages.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov 30 7:30 Dec 01 2:00 Dec 02 2:00
Dec 07 7:30 Dec 08 2:00 Dec 09 2:00
Dec 14 7:30 Dec 15 2:00 Dec 16 2:00

Snow White Program Cover


Doubt: A Parable

Doubt Poster
Written By: John Patrick Shanley
Directed By: L.R. Lindsay
Produced By: Greg Insley

In this brilliant and powerful drama, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young Father Flynn of improper relations with one of the male students. Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award. "All the elements come invigoratingly together like clockwork in John Patrick Shanley's provocative new play, DOUBT, a gripping story of suspicion cast on a priest's behavior that is less about scandal than about fascinatingly nuanced questions of moral certainty. Something rare for this season: a laudable new American play." —Variety.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 25 8:00 Jan 26 8:00 Jan 27 2:00
Jan 31 8:00 Feb 01 8:00 Feb 02 8:00 Feb 03 2:00
Feb 07 8:00 Feb 08 8:00 Feb 09 8:00

Doubt Program CoverDoubt Set


WODL Festival

Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun

Kiss The Moon Poster
Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Robin Bennett
Produced By: Jen Peleschak

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun is the moving story of a friendship between Robert, a mentally challenged man, and Holly, a pregnant young woman. On the surface, Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun appears to be a story about a disabled man. However, it is also a story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility, and about persevering against the odds. And finally, it is a story about relationships born out of hardship.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 12 8:00 Apr 13 8:00 Apr 14 2:00
Apr 18 8:00 Apr 19 8:00 Apr 20 8:00 Apr 21 2:00
Apr 25 8:00 Apr 26 8:00 Apr 27 8:00


Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls Poster
Written By: Tim Firth
Directed By: Trevor Smith-Diggins
Produced By: Laura Rowbotham and Team

A group of extraordinary women, members of a very ordinary Yorkshire Women's Institute, spark a global phenomenon by persuading one another to pose for a charity calendar with a difference! As interest snowballs, the Calendar Girls find themselves revealing more than they'd ever planned... Calendar girls is based on an uplifting and very inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 24 8:00 May 25 8:00 May 26 2:00
May 30 8:00 May 31 8:00 Jun 01 8:00 Jun 02 2:00
Jun 06 8:00 Jun 07 8:00 Jun 08 8:00

Calendar Girls Program CoverCalendar Girls Set