Guelph Little Theatre

2013 -2014

The Mouse House

Mouse House Poster
Written By: Robert Ainsworth
Directed By: Alan Quinn
Produced By: Natasha Visosky

Set in an old family cottage in Southern Ontario. Carson, a successful author has arrived at the end of the fall season to write his new book. He chose this time and place to escape his own demons, to be away from everyone.

One night after falling asleep at his typewriter, somebody climbing through the window of the cottage awakens Carson. He hits the intruder over the head, knocking him out. When the intruder awakes the next morning, we are introduced to an angry teenaged delinquent who soon discovers he’s chained by his ankle to a heavy metal bed.

This play demonstrates a clash of cultures between two very different opponents caught in a dilemma, and an emerging trust and fragile friendship; who help save each other in ways that neither could ever imagine. Surprising revelations in the story keeps you on the edge of your seat, and guessing right until the very end.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Oct 17 8:00 Oct 18 8:00 Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 2:00
Oct 24 8:00 Oct 25 8:00 Oct 26 8:00 Oct 27 2:00
Nov 01 8:00 Nov 02 8:00

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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Poster

A Family Musical

Book, Music
& Lyrics By:
Don Macrae
Based On: a story by Charles Perrault
Directed By: Ken Cameron
Produced By: Grace Peters

Little Red’s Grandma is SO SICK! How sick is she? She needs a visit from Little Red Riding Hood to cheer her up. But that nasty wolf has other ideas – starting with who to have for lunch! It’s the familiar old story told in a hilarious pantomime filled with madcap antics, unforgettable characters and songs that will definitely set your toes to tapping. Fun for the whole family!

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dec 06 7:30 Dec 07 2:00 Dec 08 2:00
Dec 13 7:30 Dec 14 2:00 Dec 15 2:00
Dec 20 7:30 Dec 21 2:00 Dec 22 2:00

Little Red Riding Hood Program CoverLittle Red Riding Hood Set


Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole Poster
Written By: David Lindsay Abaire
Directed By: Roberta Belfry
Produced By: Ellen McConnomy

Rabbit Hole is a beautifully crafted play that delves into the world of grief in a fresh and realistic way. It is more about getting through than getting over and more about taking responsibility than shirking it. This Pulitzer Prize winner from 2007 has won the hearts of many actors, critics and audiences due to its balanced characters, simple but complex story and lack of sentimentality. Every word, every action and every thought in this play is skillfully centred around the single incident that has profoundly affected each person. Don’t miss this wonderful experience in January 2014.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jan 24 8:00 Jan 25 8:00 Jan 26 2:00
Jan 30 8:00 Jan 31 8:00 Feb 01 8:00 Feb 02 2:00
Feb 06 8:00 Feb 07 8:00 Feb 08 8:00

Rabbit Hole was the GLT entry in the Western Ontario Drama League (WODL) Festival in Windsor during March break 2014.

Jane Watson - Winner of Best Supporting Actress
Alex Clay - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor
Sara Dunbar & Paul Briggs - Nominated for Best Visual Production

Rabbit Hole Program CoverRabbit Hole Set

Agnes Of God

Agnes Poster
Written By: John Pielmeier
Directed By: Gerry Butts
Produced By: Bruce Bennett

Agnes of God, tells the story of a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the dead child was the result of a virgin conception. A psychiatrist and the mother superior of the convent clash during the resulting investigation. The title is a pun on the Latin phrase Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

The play was filmed in Rockwood in 1985, starring Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly.

The stage play relies solely on the three main characters: Martha, the Psychiatrist; the Mother Superior; and Agnes, the Novice. All three roles are considered demanding for the actors playing them. Martha covers the full gamut of emotion during the play, from nurturer to antagonist, from hard-nosed court psychiatrist and atheist to faith-searching healer. Agnes and the Mother Superior enact flashbacks to events at the convent. The Mother Superior must expound the possibilities of miracles while recognizing the realities of today's world, of which she is painfully aware. Agnes is a beautiful but tormented soul whose abusive upbringing has affected her ability to think rationally.

The play has enjoyed a revival among Catholic women's groups, who believe it examines important moral and spiritual issues that Catholic women must face.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mar 28 8:00 Mar 29 8:00 Mar 30 2:00
Apr 03 8:00 Apr 04 8:00 Apr 05 8:00 Apr 06 2:00
Apr 10 8:00 Apr 11 8:00 Apr 12 8:00

Agnes Program CoverAgnes Set


Wild GuysWild Guys Poster

Written By: Andrew Wreggitt & Rebecca Shaw
Directed By: Cathy Judd
Produced By: Brian Pickles

When four men set off to find an isolated cabin in the forest on a "wildman” weekend, a la Robert Bly, everything that can go wrong does! Andy, a men’s movement advocate, and Robin, a crystal-gazing New Ager, coax Stewart, an unsuspecting grocer, and Randall, a skeptical, city lawyer, into reluctantly participating in male-bonding ceremonies and communal hugs. The result? Hockey cheers and Neil Young singalongs!

This play is a satire on men’s self-help encounters of the type made famous by drum-beating poet Robert Bly and the new-age, touchy-feely movement that supported it.

Written by Calgarians Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw "The Wild Guys” won the Solange Karsh award for best play in the 1992 National Playwriting Competition.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May 23
8:00 May 24
8:00 May 25
May 29
8:00 May 30
8:00 May 31
8:00 Jun 01
Jun 05
8:00 Jun 06
8:00 Jun 07

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