Guelph Little Theatre

2014 - 2015

The Ward One Acts

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Produced By: D. J. Thomson


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Jun 25 8:00 Jun 26 8:00 Jun 27 2:00

Pillar Of The Community

Written By: Sean Jacklin
Directed By: Nick Swan

Pillar of the Community is written by Sean Jacklin and will be directed by Nick Swan. Pillar of the Community cleverly explores the legacy we leave behind after we have passed on. It offers an exploration of the 'boxes' that we create for ourselves to categorize our world and challenges the diametric way we may often approach other 'boxes' in our life. This charming play lets you witness what happens when a person's constructed legacy is challenged by the life witnessed. Nothing is black and white in Pillar of the Community, especially the dearly departed.

Lost In Her

Written By: Rochelle Richardson
Directed By: Rochelle Richardson

Lost in Her is written and directed by Guelph local Rochelle Richardson. Her play tells the story of a young married couple, struggling with the lack of communication in their relationship. As the story progresses the audience travels with Jody, one of the couple, as she struggles to work out her relationship with her wife and her own mental health. This is the first production of Lost In Her and we at the festival are super excited for this piece of new work to be included!

You Kiss By The Book

Written By: Jonathan De Souza
Directed By: Peter Busby

Do you believe in love at first sight? At any age? "You Kiss” is an exploration of this theme, based on the first meeting between Juliet and Romeo, in Shakespeare's great tragi-romance. The exploration consists of 17 variations, each using a different style of theatre, including Comedy, Farce, Melodrama, Mannerism, Absurd, Symbolism, Mime/Dance, Commedia del'Arte and, of course, Elizabethan Classical. Written by Jonathan De Souza (now with UWO), the play has won both a London Fringe award and London's valued prize, the Brickendon. Peter Busby is the director this time around and we are excitedly waiting to see the joy and fun that he will bring to the stage with this production!