Guelph Little Theatre

2015 - 2016

The Ward One Acts

2016 Ward One Acts Poster

Produced By: D. J. Thomson

The Ward One Acts is back with another evening of three fantastic local shows. Each show is locally written, directed and acted! Come and experience a fantastic evening of Guelph's stories and ideas!

Thursday Friday Saturday
Jul 7 8:00 Jul 8 8:00 Jul 9 2:00

Canada's Funderland

Written By: Parker Manson
Directed By: Sarah Bannister

What would it be like to be 17-years-old and have complete control over your career? When Rachel shows up for her first day at Canada’s Funderland, she finds herself in exactly that hopeful situation! Enviably, she gets to choose her position at the somewhat neglected theme park where her mom made her get a job (so not exactly complete control, but still, choice!). Will she use her power to choose a position that will challenge her? Perhaps she’s looking for a job where she can develop new skills, or meet a host of interesting people – or possibly just let her chill all day. Mostly to get her mom off her case, she embarks on a quest to find the perfect position at the once-great park, and discovers quite quickly that her “funtastic" new coworkers may make her summer more…unique than she was hoping for.

The Four Season's Summit

Written By: Ken Cameron
Directed By: Rochelle Richardson

The incarnations of the four seasons - Autumn, Himes, Verna and Esta - are gathering, just as they have every nine months for millennia. And just as they have thousands of times before, they plan to enact a ritual to preserve the balance of the seasons for the year ahead. But this time, something's different. Before they have all assembled a stranger walks in claiming to have been invited. But by whom? And what does this mean for the age old progression of the seasons? See what happens when the forces of nature are faced with their most diabolical threat ever - US!

Behind The Yellow Line

Written By: Erin Lynn Birdsell
Directed By: Erin Lynn Birdsell

Samuel Beckett once said, “Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It's awful.” There is almost no greater frustration than waiting.  No one knows this better than a young Whitney Prescott, as she attempts to cross the border. 

Excited to begin her new adventure at school, Whitney encounters problem after problem at the Windsor-Detroit border. Fighting against Whitney and her attempts to get to Detroit are the faithful United States customs officers: Frank, Arnold and a young and very enthusiastic Eddie.  These officers throw everything and the kitchen sink at Whitney to prevent her plight to gain entry into their great country, which is the United States of America.  Whitney is not the only one stuck in the monotony of the border line, a gaggle of bizarre guests join her in waiting. The yellow line is more than just a line, it’s a nemesis, one that Whitney is unsure if she will be able to defeat. 

Behind the Yellow Line, in its International premier, at Guelph Little Theatre, is a fast and upbeat farce exploring the nature of waiting.  Hilarity ensues as United States customs officers stop all races and genders from crossing the border.  Will Whitney arrive for her first day of school, or will she be forever stuck in the purgatory which is the US border.