Guelph Little Theatre

2016 - 2017

Opening Night

Opening Night Poster

Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Roberta Belfry
Produced By: Ellen McConomy
Rights By: Pam Winter, Gary Goddard Agency

This Norm Foster classic centres around a 25th anniversary celebration that becomes entangled with the most bizarre opening of a Canadian play. The events both on and off stage will leave you laughing until the end.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Oct 14 8:00 Oct 15 8:00 Oct 16 2:00
Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 8:00 Oct 22 8:00 Oct 23 2:00
Oct 27 8:00 Oct 28 8:00 Oct 29 8:00    

Opening Night Program Cover Opening Night Set 1 Opening Night Set 2

The Giants Garden

Giants Garden Poster

Written By: Peter Fenton & Scott White
Directed By: D. J. Thomson
Produced By:  
Rights By: Playwrights Guild of Canada

So there’s this magical garden. The season siblings, Summer and Winter, love to rest in the garden but Summer has been hogging it lately. The garden’s owner is a large, scary Giant that has a mean streak a mile wide and uses, “Grrr” and “Arrrgh” as his main form of discourse. This giant also HATES children and guess what’s also hiding in his garden? Children? You are correct! What will happen? Come enjoy this fantastic and exciting tale.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Nov 25 7:30 Nov 26 2:00 Nov 27 2:00
    Dec 2 7:30 Dec 3 2:00 Dec 4 2:00
    Dec 9 7:30 Dec 10 2:00 Dec 11 2:00

 Giants Garden Set

The Perfect Murder

Perfect Murder Poster

Written By: Anthony DeCiantis
Directed By: Anthony DeCiantis & Rob Free
Produced By: Dian Borek
Rights By: Anthony DeCiantis

Steve Arden has the perfect life: a successful writing career, legions of fans, money and a beautiful trophy wife. But in 1950’s Galt, Ontario, what is Julia Arden to do if she feels like a trapped pawn in her husband’s perfect life? She and her lover Mike must commit the perfect murder! Plot twists and clashing motivations will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing right to the end.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Jan 27 8:00 Jan 28 8:00 Jan 29 2:00
Feb 2 8:00 Feb 3 8:00 Feb 4 8:00 Feb 5 2:00
Feb 9 8:00 Feb 10 8:00 Feb 11 8:00    

 Perfect Murder Program CoverPerfect Murder Set

Western Ontario Drama League (WODL) Festival

WODL 2017 Logo

The Western Ontario Drama League (WODL) is composed of 30 theatres from the South-Western Ontario region. Every year WODL holds a Festival and many of the member theatres submit one of their plays for adjudication. Through this process the five best plays are chosen to be performed at Festival during the March break. The best play of the week is chosen to go on to compete at Theatre Ontario in May.

Shows will be announced on February 19th, 2017

Get complete festival information here



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mar 13 8:00 Mar 14 8:00 Mar 15 8:00 Mar 16 8:00 Mar 17 8:00

I Hate Hamlet

I Hate Hamlet Poster

Written By: Paul Rudnick
Directed By: Gerry Butts
Produced By: Pamela Niesiobedzki-Curtis & Dian Borek
Rights By: Dramatists Play Service Inc

As successful tv actor Andrew Rally struggles with taking the dream role of Hamlet, he is also dealing with a girlfriend who’s keeping a firm grip on her chastity and the ghost of John Barrymore who’s haunting his apartment. What will Andrew choose when an offer arrives to star in a tv pilot? Will he choose potential fame and fortune on tv or Shakespeare and his girlfriend?

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Apr 20 8:00 Apr 21 8:00 Apr 22 8:00 Apr 23 2:00
Apr 27 8:00 Apr 28 8:00 Apr 29 8:00 Apr 30 2:00


The Drowsy Chaperone

Drowsy Chaperone Poster

Written By: Bob Martin & Don McKellar
Music By: Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison
Directed By: Tim Clarke
Musical Direction By: Kieran Kane
Produced By: Paul Pengelly & Jen Barson
Rights By: Music Theatre International

A neurotic recluse attempts to coax himself out of his blue mood by listening to his favourite record, the cast recording of The Drowsy Chaperone. The sleeve promises ‘mayhem, mix-ups and a gay wedding’ and the album doesn’t disappoint: once the needle drops, the fantastic and farcical show comes to life inside the man’s apartment! This glitzy Jazz-era musical is stuffed inside a hilarious play that will make you laugh until you cry!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    May 26 8:00 May 27 8:00 May 28 2:00
Jun 1 8:00 Jun 2 8:00 Jun 3 8:00 Jun 4 2:00
Jun 8 8:00 Jun 9 8:00 Jun 10 8:00    

Drowsy Chaperone Programme Cover

The Ward One Acts