Guelph Little Theatre

2016 - 2017

The Ward One Acts

2016 Ward One Acts Poster

Produced By: D. J. Thomson

An Awr"I Do" et

Written By: Martin Washburn
Directed By: Robert Free

Daniel and Samantha are out for a romantic evening. Is this the time that their dreams come true? And what roles do the Host and the waitress play? Come check out An Awry Duet to find out the answers.

The Audition

Written By: Kenny Grenier
Directed By: Jayne Simpson

The play starts with Peter walking in with a mighty ego in tow, he is trying out for an English Colonel of the British navy, the only problem is he can never remember that fact. After some ridiculous warm-ups and an over-dramatic monologue, we learn that he just can’t handle the competition. Anthony is just there because he thought it was a good idea, Liam may have had some “help” with his audition process and Tim just may not have a handle of what is expected at this audition. The Audition is theatrical fun that will have you rolling in the aisles!

The Council

Written By: Deanna Kruger
Directed By: Marty Cotter & Oriana Abrahamse

t’s the most important Parent Council meeting of the year: the vote to decide the Family Fun Night theme. But when someone new proposes a break with tradition, the situation deteriorates into absurdity. Before the evening ends, battle lines are drawn, friendships tested, and shocking discoveries made. And one principal will vow to procure a live manatee for his school. The Council is a comedy for those of us who have been trapped in a meeting we thought couldn’t possibly get worse…


Written By: Chris Kerr
Directed By: Kyle Weltner

Grace, a person, knows a few things. Faith, another person, knows some other things. Neither can remember what happened yesterday, or even twenty minutes ago. Neither knows who, where or what they are. Neither can cross the room to join the other. But they know sounds. They can talk. And they like each other. A lot. Each thinks the other is hella cute. Using their imaginations, two girls entertain and flirt with one another as they question the inexplicable conditions of their existence. Isolated from their memories, separated from each other, two girls fall in love. Can love survive their fickle memories or will they be strangers in the morning?