Guelph Little Theatre

2017 - 2018

The Gondoliers

Gondoliers Poster

Written By: Gilbert & Sullivan
Directed By: Jane Martin
Produced By: Jen Barson & Paul Barson

Marco and Giuseppe are two Venetian Gondoliers who embark on an adventure of marriage, mystery, royalty and suspense.

Does the Grand Inquisitor really have all the answers? How can you reconcile the fact that two Husbands have managed to acquire three wives? Who will be King? And can you combine republican principles with the Monarchy?

The Gondoliers is a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta in every sense. Wonderful music, great comedy, bizarre plot twists and a happy ending.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Oct 13 8:00 Oct 14 8:00 Oct 15 2:00
Oct 19 8:00 Oct 20 8:00 Oct 21 2:00
Oct 22 2:00
Oct 26 8:00 Oct 27 8:00        


Saving Sleeping Beauty

Saving Sleeping Beauty Poster

Written By: Kenneth Cameron
Directed By: Kenneth Cameron
Produced By: Richard Ouellette
Rights By: Kenneth Cameron

When an angry fairy condemns the baby Princess Roslind to die on her 16th birthday, her parents beg Cerulean the Witch to save the child. Cerulean's answer is not what they hoped for - putting the girl to sleep to a hundred years. But the Witch knows that keeping Roslind alive is only the first step towards Saving Sleeping Beauty.
A fun new family musical by GLT's own Kenneth Cameron.
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Nov 24 7:30 Nov 25 2:00 Nov 26 2:00
    Dec 1 7:30 Dec 2 2:00 Dec 3 2:00
    Dec 8 7:30 Dec 9 2:00 Dec 10 2:00


Gloria's GuyGloria's Guy Poster

Written By: Joan Burrows
Directed By: Marnie & Alison Jutzi
Produced By: Alison Jutzi & Philip Sullivan
Rights By: Playwrights Guild Of Canada

Autumn breezes induce a nostalgic mood when four former high school friends return to their hometown for a wedding. Now 40, they seize the opportunity for a boisterous reunion, in a boat house apartment where they partied in the past.

But, 40 is a time for reckoning. Absurd antics and mistaken assumptions may suggest light domestic comedy, but a closer look unearths darker shades, reminiscent of Alice Munro’s thesis that “people’s lives are dull, simple, amazing and unfathomable – deep caves paved with kitchen linoleum”.

Enter one former beau, the lingering mystery of a prom night heartbreak, and a somewhat irascible old busybody, to reveal elements of disappointment and renewal, loss and redemption.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Jan 26 8:00 Jan 27 8:00 Jan 28 2:00
Feb 1 8:00 Feb 2 8:00 Feb 3 8:00 Feb 4 2:00
Feb 8 8:00 Feb 9 8:00 Feb 10 8:00