Guelph Little Theatre

Albertine In Five Times

by: Cambridge Community Players

Cambridge Poster

Written By: Michel Tremblay
Directed By: Robin Bennett
Produced By: Gilberta Patrick

Playwright Michel Tremblay imagines an independent and complex French Canadian housewife in five decades of her life. The five actresses, each playing Albertine are on stage together, allowing them to interact; sharing a lifetime of memories. Albertine at 70 is moving into a senior citizens’ home. It’s not the best of places, but she seems ready for it. She remembers herself at 30, visiting her patient and sympathetic sister Madeleine in her summer home. At 40 she is worn down by the constant fighting between her mother, her unmanageable daughter and her son. Albertine at 50 has found a job and a life for herself. However, at 60, Albertine is confined to her room, hooked on prescription drugs and wracked by guilt.

March 14th 8:00 p.m.
approx running time 1:20
NO intermission