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Ten WODL theatre companies are volunteering to be adjudicated “In Festival” this year. Five of them will be chosen for the Sesquicentennial Festival March 13-18. The chosen five will be announced on February 19, 2017. Here are the contenders, the plays and the playwrights they have chosen, listed in order of adjudication date.

Theatre TillsonburgTheatre Tillsonburg Poster
Ten Times Two
Written By: David Belke
Directed By: Janice Lundy
Adjudication: Nov 5th, 2016

Theatre Tillsonburg LogoAn epic romantic comedy. When an evildoer cursed with immortality falls for a barmaid in 1399, it is the start of a romantic pursuit spanning the Middle Ages to Modern times. But in order to win the heart of his reincarnating beloved, the villain must learn to become a human being.


London Community PlayersJennys House Of Joy Poster
Jenny's House of Joy
Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Debra Chantler
Adjudication: Jan 15th, 2017

London Community Players LogoWe kick off Canada's 150th year with a play by one of Canada's most prolific and popular playwrights. Set in a house of "ill repute" in Kansas around 1870. Five engaging, raucous, and life-loving "working" women set the record straight on what it takes to live and love on the frontier.


K-W Little TheatreLion In The Streets Poster
Lion in the Streets
Written By: Judith Thompson
Directed By: Erin Lynn Birdsell
Adjudication: Jan 28th, 2017

KWLT Logo"Lion in the Streets" is a nightmare of surrealistic images following a young girl Isobel.  She is trying to tackle the miseries of the world and figure out her own life.  This discovery gives her the passion and determination to move forward.  Forgiveness for the worlds miseries and an understanding of the dark side of humanity are just a few of the areas discovered in Judith Thompson's award winning play. Dare to delve into the depths one must go to encounter the darkest side of themselves.


Theatre SarniaWillow Quartet Poster
Willow Quartet
Written By: Joan Burrows
Directed By: Jay Peckham
Adjudication: Feb 2nd, 2017

Theatre Sarnia logoIn the aftermath of a tragedy that ends Kim and Ben’s marriage, Kim finds herself back in her childhood home, a quiet farm away from the city. Here, she invites Jim, a visiting musician, to stay with her in a bed-and-breakfast arrangement. It’s not long before Kim becomes infatuated with Jim’s sophistication and charm, and with his ability to make her forget her grief temporarily—until it inevitably boils to the surface. With Jim at her side, Kim struggles to navigate through her unresolved grief and begins to explore her buried feelings.


Ghost Light Players (Windsor)Better Living Poster
Better Living
Written By: George F. Walker
Directed By: Jacqueline Tinus
Adjudication: Feb 3rd, 2017

Ghostlight Players LogoAbout a family faced with the return of their abusive patriarch ten years after they tried to kill him. The three daughters find idiosyncratic ways to deal with their dysfunctional parents. The mother's out-of-the-ordinary ideas include taking a jackhammer to the basement floor to build a cavern where the family can live better. The father, an ex-cop, commandeers his wife's project, putting the whole family into survivalist mode.


Cambridge Community PlayersAlbertine In Five Times Poster
Albertine in Five Times
Written By: Michel Tremblay
Directed By: Robin Bennett
Adjudication: Feb 5th, 2017

Cambridge Community PlayersPlaywright Michel Tremblay imagines an independent and complex French Canadian housewife in five decades of her life. The five actresses, each playing Albertine are on stage together, allowing them to interact; sharing a lifetime of memories. Albertine at 70 is moving into a senior citizens’ home. It’s not the best of places, but she seems ready for it. She remembers herself at 30, visiting her patient and sympathetic sister Madeleine in her summer home. At 40 she is worn down by the constant fighting between her mother, her unmanageable daughter and her son. Albertine at 50 has found a job and a life for herself. However, at 60, Albertine is confined to her room, hooked on prescription drugs and wracked by guilt.


Owen Sound Little TheatreHaving Hope At Home Poster
Having Hope At Home
Written By: David S. Craig
Directed By: Christopher McGruer
Adjudication: Feb 8th, 2017

OSLTA side-splitting look at a family learning to love again. On a winter night in a drafty farmhouse a baby is about to arrive. But modern medicine meets midwifery head on in a torrent of family feuding. As tensions rise between three dysfunctional generations, so does laughter. It takes a baby to heal the rift in this funny, heartwarming story of forgiveness and hope, showing us how the human heart sometimes takes the longest way home.


Elmira Theatre CompanyOutlaw Poster
Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Thom Smith
Adjudication: Feb 11th, 2017

Elmira Theatre Company LogoIn 1871 a Canadian homesteader travelling far from home finds himself accused of murder in the state of Kansas. With only his wits to defend himself, he turns the law of the land, and the men hell bent on enforcing it, upside down. This authentic western is a unique take on the days when guns were the law... and we all know how Americans and Canadians feel about guns...


Kincardine Theatre GuildOffice Politics Poster
Office Politics
Written By: Corinne Robertson-Brown
Directed By: Corinne Robertson-Brown
Adjudication: Feb 12th, 2017

Kincardine Theatre Guild LogoOffice Politics takes us into a world most of us know plenty about: dealing with an assortment of co-workers whose ambitions, talents and degrees of trustworthiness are all over the map, even when faced with a common goal. As the ISAYSO Company, a disparate team of creative firm cohorts is vying to impress their Holy Grail of clients, the formidable Mrs. Prendergast. Will they fail spectacularly? Or - just maybe - can any of them possibly succeed? Only the ninjas know for sure!


Paris Performers TheatreHarvest Poster
Written By: Ken Cameron
Directed By: Linda Lloyd-McKenzie
Adjudication: Feb 17th, 2017

Paris Performers LogoWhen a retired farming couple rent out their family home to a young professional, they unwittingly become participants in one of the largest successful underground economies - the marijuana growers of Canada.



Out Of Festival

Another 4 theatre groups will be competing "Out Of Festival" which means they are competing for various awards/recognition but will not be considered for participation in the festival during March Break.

Guelph Little TheatreHarvest Poster
The Perfect Murder
Written By: Anthony DeCiantis
Directed By: Anthony DeCiantis & Rob Free
Adjudication: Feb 4th, 2017

GLT LogoSteve Arden has the perfect life: a successful writing career, legions of fans, money and a beautiful trophy wife. But in 1950’s Galt, Ontario, what is Julia Arden to do if she feels like a trapped pawn in her husband’s perfect life? She and her lover Mike must commit the perfect murder! Plot twists and clashing motivations will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing right to the end.

Aylmer Community TheatreAylmer Poster
On A First Name Basis
Written By: Norm Foster
Directed By: Barbara Warnock
Adjudication: Feb 9th, 2017

Aylmer LogoThe situation could hardly be simpler. David Kilbride, a successful spy novelist, comes to realize one day that he knows almost nothing about the woman, Miss Hopperstaad, who has been his maid for the past 28 years. He is disgusted with himself that he doesn’t even know her first name. Therefore, he proposes that they drop the master-servant proprieties for a few hours and get to know one another as if they were “chums”. At first it is difficult to get the very proper and rather prickly Miss Hopperstaad to relent, but with the aid of a few tumblersful of scotch, each tries to draw the life story out of the other as they move into ever more increasingly personal details of their private lives.

Theatre KentTheatre Kent Poster
Written By: David Auburn
Directed By: 
Adjudication: Feb 10th, 2017

Theatre Kent LogoThe play concerns Catherine, the daughter of Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius in his fifties and professor at the University of Chicago, and her struggle with mathematical genius and mental illness. Catherine had cared for her father through a lengthy mental illness. Upon Robert's death, his ex-graduate student Hal discovers a paradigm-shifting proof about prime numbers in Robert's office. The title refers both to that proof and to the play's central question: Can Catherine prove the proof's authorship? Along with demonstrating the proof's authenticity, the daughter also finds herself in a relationship with 28-year-old Hal. Throughout, the play explores Catherine's fear of following in her father's footsteps, both mathematically and mentally and her desperate attempts to stay in control.

Theatre BurlingtonPapers Poster
Written By: Alan Stratton
Directed By: Tom Mackan
Adjudication: Feb 16th, 2017

Theatre Burlington LogoHere’s a comedy about the lives and loves of the highly learned in the halls of higher education, or as one lecturer describes it, “an endless stream of intellectual toads, known as the academic faculty.” Charles is an accomplished writer beginning his post as Lakeside U. as Writer-In-Residence. He is writing a new novel. Myra is on the Faculty and is writing a book on Charles. Both are in their prime and both are priming. The situation is set, the plot develops and a relationship lurks. Also lurking is Bobbi, a delicious undergrad with aspirations to poetry and to Charles. The wit is wicked, the dialog is finely tuned comedy. Stratton’s play sparkles with a writer’s love of fooling around and he has a clever ending that will tickle your love of theatre.